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Keith’s bio

Name: Keith

Home: Born in…Lytham,Lancashire

Birthday: 8th October

Favourite destination:  Not found it yet…

Favourite Book:  Still thinking about this!

Favourite Films:  Depending on mood, but including ‘Easy Rider’, ‘Men in Black’, 2001 – A Space Odyssey’….

Favourite food: F O O D…

Greatest Fear: Retirement

How I relax: Walking with a camera or a good book

Philosophy:  Do good where you can, but do no harm

What inspires you?: Waking up in the morning

Words to live by:  A smile is like a candle flame, you can share it with others and lose nothing.  A smile is the best thing anyone can wear – and it’s free…. keith 2“Hi people! If you’ve read this far you’re either interested or (more likely) very, very bored :)

I first came to Spain in 1979 and I spent three of the best years of my life working here on a yacht at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. I fell in love with Spanish people, Spanish culture and Spanish food. After years working back in the UK I had the freedom, finally, to return, and here I am…

Thanks to the team here at Number16 I am living the dream – being paid to do something I love. I make no apologies for being me, slightly ‘different’ and with a strange sense of humour, that’s who I am… I enjoy teaching – I hope that you enjoy learning. I hope that you leave the class wanting more! “

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